Thursday 23 January 2020

PRONI is looking for volunteers to assist with 3 projects

PRONI is located in Belfast's Titanic Quarter
The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland is looking for volunteers to assist with three current projects.

With a distinctive but complementary role alongside paid staff, volunteers are considered an integral part of the PRONI team; they bring new skills and perspectives to the archive and can undertake activities that might not otherwise be carried out.

The three projects that currently need volunteers are these:

Enhanced Access to Records
The Enhanced Access to Records volunteer will assist with indexing and transcribing from original records, eg name heavy index lists and/or enhanced cataloguing descriptions, to a level of detail which would not be part of PRONI’s standard cataloguing process.

Digital Image Library
The Digital Image Library volunteer will work alongside expert curatorial and archive photography staff and will upload digitised copies of archival material into the PRONI Digital Image Library system. This involves enriching digital image descriptions with information from the PRONI catalogue, plus adding keywords and subject terms to the images before uploading them into a searchable image database system.

Young and Mackenzie Collection
The Young and Mackenzie volunteer will assist in the organisation of architectural plans and drawings within the Young and Mackenzie collection. The volunteer will prepare an index of individual plans and drawings, organise plans and drawings in date order within individual architectural schemes and clean individual plans and drawings within the collection, which is being prepared for public access.

The closing date for applications is Friday 31 January.

Volunteer activities are unpaid. However, PRONI does make contributions towards travel and lunch expenses. You'll find more details in PRONI's Volunteer Policy, which, along with applications forms, you'll find here.