Tuesday 14 January 2020

Family Tree DNA revises its test kit prices

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) has revised prices for its DNA tests and, unusually, this has resulted in some significant price drops. While the cost of  its Family Finder autosomal test hasn't changed – it's still US$79 – its y-DNA and mt-DNA testing kits have savings of up to US$200!

https://www.familytreedna.comThe savings to customers come in response to reduced costs following FTDNA's  'systemic improvements to production processes'. The company says it hopes the lower prices will see not only more people being encouraged to test but that they will test at a higher level.

With that in mind, FTDNA has discontinued its 25-marker and 67-marker y-DNA tests.

Here's the new pricing structure:
  • Y-37 $119 (previously $169)
  • Y-111 $249 (previously $359)
  • BigY-700 $449 (previously $649)
  • mtDNA full sequence $159 (previously $199)
  • Family Finder autosomal DNA test $79 (no change)
Y-dna upgrade prices have also fallen.

Shipping costs are additional and are $9.95 in the US and $12.95 to most international destinations.

You'll find more details on the FTDNA website.