Wednesday 8 January 2020 uploads marriage registers 1845-1864

An unexpected New Year gift from

Images of Ireland's Civil Registration Marriage registers from 1845 – 1864 have (finally) been added to the site. This means all civil marriage registers from 1845 to 1944 are now online for free (see note below). Bear in mind that the pre-1864 civil records relate only to non-Catholic marriages.

Also in the delivery are the rolling 'top-up' years of the 1919 births, the 1944 marriages and the 1969 deaths.

So just one last haul is required – the death register images for 1864 to 1877 remain outstanding – and then free online access to Ireland's civil registration records will be complete, if still (unfortunately) subject to the 100-75-50-year 'rule'.

In a nutshell, these are the civil records now available on the site:

Births: 1864-1919: images and index
Marriages: 1845-1944: images and index
Deaths: 1864-1877: index only; 1878-1969: images and index

Note: The database covers the entire island up to 1921. Thereafter, the records are for the Republic of Ireland only. For Northern Ireland's civil registration records, see GRONI online.