Advertising Disclosure

Advertising, Affiliate and General Disclosure Statement

Last updated: 11 July 2019

IrishGenealogyNews is an online blog owned, created and edited by me, Claire Santry. For questions about the blog, please contact me at*.

All the content on my blog is provided free of charge to the blog visitor in the genuine belief that the content will be of value to Irish genealogists. I rarely copy-and-paste press releases, and always remove unverifiable claims from any supplier-submitted text; in some cases I might repeat a claim by clearly stating 'the company claims...' or words to that effect. I strive to be honest in all my dealings with third parties, but my priorities are to provide valuable information to genealogists and to be recognised as a trusted, reliable and – most importantly – independent source of Irish family history news. The blog is not sponsored by any commercial entities, and I accept no restrictions (other than legal obligations) on my choice and presentation of the news I report.

In the course of providing news of record releases or directing genealogy researchers to appropriate databases, archives, repositories and other sources of genealogical materials and suppliers, I sometimes receive a form of financial compensation known as 'affiliate marketing'.

This means that if I publish a news story about an company or business and I have an affiliate relationship with that company or business, I may receive a small financial 'reward' if you follow a link from my blog to their website and make a purchase. This does not affect the amount you pay to the company or business for your purchase.

I have affiliate relationships with only a handful of suppliers: FindMyPast, BritishNewspaperArchive, MyHeritage and Ancestry, and the tiny income I make from them helps to keep the blog functioning, and contributes to the travel and telephone bills that accumulate as I gather fresh news and features about the Irish genealogy industry. This income does not cover the costs of publishing the blog.

Regular visitors to the blog will recognise that I also publish news of record releases and developments from other commercial genealogical suppliers who do not operate an affiliate scheme. Among these are IrishNewspaperArchive, Irish Roots Magazine, FamilyTreeDNA, American Ancestors, Ulster Historical Foundation/BooksIreland, RootsIreland and nearly all family history societies and volunteer groups.

In other words, if the news is likely to be of interest to genealogists, I will report it, whether or not I am an affiliate or likely to earn any income from a link to the supplier's website.

I select news strictly according to its value to genealogists, not its possible financial reward to me.

Additionally, if I have had poor dealings with a supplier or feel any discomfort about promoting a supplier or its product, I will say so. In some cases I will cease reporting news from that supplier.

I'll never be rich, but I sleep well!

Claire Santry

*Please note that I don't respond to research queries.