Wednesday 8 January 2020

A snapshot of Ireland in 2019: facts and stats's_Facts_&_Figures_2019_WEB.pdf
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How many sheep hang out in Ireland's green fields? Which three counties have no connection to the gas network? And just how much did it rain in 2018?

The answer to these and many other essential tests of your knowledge of today's nation are answered in the Republic of Ireland's Central Statistics Office annual Ireland's Facts and Figures report for 2019, which was released this morning.

It presents a comprehensive statistical picture of Ireland, with detailed and colourful information, tables and graphs on subjects such as average earnings, the types of homes we live in, education, prices, trade, society etc.

Among its revelations are these statistics:
  • The estimated population of the Republic at the start of last year was 4,921,500. Irish National made up 87.3% of that number.
  • Some 61,016 births were registered in 2018, a figure 23.2% lower than in 2008 when 75,173 births were registered.
  • The top three surnames for babies registered in 2018 were: 3rd.Ryan; 2nd.Kelly; 1st.Murphy.
  • Potatoes head up a sample list of national average prices – the cost for 2kg of the staple increased by 4%. Other items that saw increases were petrol, a cinema ticket, a pint of stout and a gent's hair cut.
  • The Border Region has the lowest level of Internet access in the home (84%). The rate is 95% in Dublin and 91% nationally.
The 36-page booklet is free to download.