Wednesday 8 January 2020

MyHeritage releases Burial Indexes for RoI and UK

MyHeritage has added a new collection for the Republic of Ireland.

It's an Index of Burials from 1900–2019 and it holds 205,995 records. The blurb says the entries may include the name of the cemetery, given name and surname of the deceased, age at death, place of residence, date of death and religion.

The image to the right shows the entry for my maternal great grandfather, Patrick Doyle. So far, so good.

But MyHeritage has provided no other information about the scope or origin of the records, which is disappointing. And when I spent time doing sample searches of the database, I scanned through hundreds of records relating to burials in Counties Carlow and Dublin, and even two for Meath and one for Donegal, but no other locations.

The collection may be a work in progress – that's fair enough – but why not say so.

The same issues apply to the smaller (158,099 records) UK Index of Burials, 1900–2019, only here I found an additional problem: confused geography. The first 50-results page for a sample search of the surname Johnson brought up 15 burials from Counties Antrim, LondonDerry, Tyrone and Louth (the first three are in Northern Ireland and Louth is in the Republic). See below.
Part of the results page from a search of the UK Index of Burials showing results in Counties Antrim and Louth.