Wednesday 20 January 2016

FindMyPast to increase costs of subscriptions

FindMyPast has announced that it is to increase the cost of its subscriptions by 20% on Tuesday 16 February. The exact prices haven't yet been confirmed, but I'm sure you can do your own sums!

In making the announcement, FindMyPast explains that it has added almost half a million records to the site in the past year alone. "We plan to add the same number again this year to ensure value for our subscribers and to help them discover even more about their family story. We have opened a further 2.5 million closed 1939 Register records and continue to open thousands more every week.

"Findmypast now offers access to over eight billion records and we are committed to adding thousands of new records every week.”

Existing 12-month subscribers will be offered their next annual renewal at today's price, but this price freeze is only for researchers with an annual package, whether it's a World package or one of the 'local' packages.

Monthly subscribers and new subscribers won't be so lucky. So, if you have a monthly package or no current subscription and you want to beat the price increase, it'll be worth considering upgrading to an annual package in the next four weeks; buying at today's price could save you some money over the next year! Current annual rates are below:

FindMyPast Ireland – World sub €149.50; Ireland sub €99.50  

FindMyPast USA – World sub $199.50; US sub $99.50
FindMyPast UK – World sub £129.50, Britain sub £99.50     

FindMyPast Australia/NZ – World sub AUS$199.50; Aus/NZ sub $99.50