Thursday 25 June 2015

National Archives of Ireland: Summer lecture series

The National Archives of Ireland (NAI) has announced a Summer series of lectures called 'Your Ancestors and the Nation’s Archives'. Each of the six lectures will be presented by a member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland and will be delivered in the NAI's Reading Room, Bishop Street, Dublin 8.

Here's the schedule:

Tuesday 7th  : Wills & Their Whereabouts, with Steven Smyrl MAGI. (Testamentary records)
Tuesday 21st : Indeed, They Are My Ancestors, with Paul Gorry MAGI. (Registry of Deeds)

Tuesday 11th : DNA Today, with Margaret Jordan MAGI. (DNA)
Tuesday 25th : Of Much Genealogical Value, with Aiden Feerick MAGI. (Valuation records)

Tuesday 8th  : Anglicans Aren’t All Anglo!, with Rosaleen Underwood MAGI. (C of I records)
Tuesday 22st : Maps, Rentals & Terriers, with Nicola Morris MAGI. (Irish Estate records)

Each lecture will begin at 5:15pm and will be of about an hour's duration. They are free to attend but you need to book in advance by emailing All researchers and interested members of the public are invited.