Tuesday 30 June 2015

Genealogy related courses at universities in Ireland

I'm returning briefly to Eneclann's so-called 'Polemical Corner' (see Friday's blogpost), in which the newsletter writer recommended just two courses of study that 'equip[s] graduating students with skills and qualifications in family history'.

It's not very well researched. Having carried out some very quick and easy research myself, I learned:

University College Dublin's three-year Genealogy/Family History Certificate is being discontinued (see my previous post). I rang the Admissions Office of UCD after reading of Eneclann's recommendation early last week and was told there would be no new intake of students. So this extremely popular course is no longer an option for those wanting top flight genealogy qualifications.

The University of Limerick's The History of the Family MA: To a written request about whether this course would be suited to a career in genealogy, course co-ordinator Ruan O'Donnell replied: 'The degree would benefit anyone in genealogy sector. However, it does not provide training in such methods being more akin to a social history masters than a training course in methods.'

University College Cork's two-year Genealogy Diploma (NFQ level 7), for some reason not mentioned by Eneclann, is open to students for 2015 intake. The course is led by Dr David Butler and 'combines practical skills with portfolio-based assessments'. Details.

University of Limerick's Certificate in History of Family & Genealogical Methods, also not mentioned by Eneclann, is another established course recruiting for September 2015. This course is for those looking to study the theory, methodology and practice of history of family and genealogical methods. The co-ordinator is Dr David Butler. Details.

UPDATE, June 2016: Eneclann has rebranded as Irish Family History Centre