Wednesday 18 September 2013

Where's Merrill? On Amazon

Where's Merrill is the first full-length genealogy-inspired novel of professional genealogist and author GearĂ³id O’Neary (aka Gerard Neary) who is based in County Sligo.

The book closely follows the factual research process used to identify a "missing" ancestor in a client's family tree. The most intriguing part of this particular research project was that the ancestor in question, the client's grandfather, had no death record or known burial place.

'The action centres around Midwest America, but all the research was carried out or managed from Ireland,' Gerard told Irish Genealogy News. 'My next fictionalized novel, which is in progress will be based on real-life events which took place in Kilkenny and London. This time, my inspiration was the uncovering of a tragic and thankfully rare case of filicide during yet another commissioned ancestry research project. And then I plan to write at least one full-length novel per year, based on my most memorable research findings.'

Where's Merrill?
is currently available as a self-published ebook via Amazon and Smashwords (where you can read a 20% sample, free, in some formats). Gerard says that despite minimal publicity, sales have exceeded 500 copies in the space of 6 months since release.

See also the Where's Merrill? website.