Thursday 19 September 2013

Registry of Deeds Index Project latest: 120,000 records

The Registry of Deeds Index Project has ticked off another milestone today with more than 120,000 records available, absolutely free of charge, on the website. These records come from 14,843 memorial deeds.

Launched by Nick Reddan FIGRS back in 2007, the indexing is carried out by volunteer contributors. Some, like Nick, Roz McCutcheon, Anne Chamney, Mike from Vancouver, Shirley Walsh and Maureen O'Sullivan have contributed many thousands of indexed records while others have generously contributed the records they've located in their own family history research. Take a look at the names of all the contributors here, and give them a virtual round of applause.

Every entry record is valuable to the project, and more contributors are always very very welcome.

To see how you can help the project continue to grow, see submission details.