Wednesday 11 September 2013

Genetic Genealogy Ireland at BTOP: details

As you'll know from last week's annoucement about the forthcoming Back To Our Past show in Dublin (blogpost here), the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG) is running a Genetic Genealogy Ireland seminar alongside the main IFHF-sponsored genealogy and heritage lecture programme. Both lecture presentation streams run over the three days of the show at the RDS in Dublin, 18 to 20 October.

ISOGG has issued the following press release, which contains some interesting additional information about the Genetics/DNA element of the exhibition:

DNA and genealogy

More than one million people around the world have had their DNA tested as part of their family tree research and it has helped them break through "brick walls" where the paper trail of traditional records is either absent or has failed to help any further. This is particularly relevant to Irish research where there is a relative lack of documentary evidence prior to 1800. DNA testing has become increasingly affordable in recent years with basic tests available for as little as €40.

Irish DNA Research

There has been a flurry of interest in DNA in Ireland over the last ten years and some incredible work has been undertaken by passionate Irish genealogists (many working independently and voluntarily), which is changing the way we think about ourselves. Many of these enthusiasts will be speaking at the conference on their own particular projects and how it has informed not only their own family tree research but how it sheds new light on a variety of Clan histories, Irish surnames, and their origins and evolution.

The international panel of speakers will discuss topics which include a basic introduction to DNA testing, early and later migrations into Ireland (Gael, Norman, Viking, Scotch, English), connecting with the Irish in America, and individual Clan and surname projects with names that cover the entire island. As well as talks on the Tribes of Galway, and the Munster Irish, Prof Dan Bradley will discuss his unit's work relating to the genetic signature of people in northwest Ireland and the correlation with Niall of the Nine Hostages. Details are available on the dedicated website – Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2013.

These DNA lectures will complement the programme of traditional genealogical presentations organised by APGI and sponsored by Rootsireland (the Irish Family History Foundation).

DNA testing at BTOP
This is the fourth year of the Back to Our Past exhibition which last year attracted 20,000 visitors and over 250 exhibitors. This year FamilyTreeDNA have a stand at the exhibition and will be offering DNA testing at discounted prices. This is the first time that DNA testing will be offered directly to the Irish public at the exhibition. There will also be some limited Free DNA tests available and further information can be found here.

So if you happen to find yourself in Dublin in October, come along and have a DNA test – it may connect you with long lost cousins you never knew you had. Entrance to the entire exhibition and conference costs only €5 if booked in advance online via the BTOP website.