Wednesday 21 May 2014

Yet another batch of PRONI videos goes on YouTube

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland has added yet more videos of past lectures to its YouTube channel. It's well worth exploring these videos. They cover some extremely interesting and useful topics that any family historian is likely to find of interest.

Although the focus is, naturally, on Northern Ireland's history and records, many of these lectures are pertinent to those who, like me, have no connections in the North. Check out the list below, and take a look at my recent listing, too, for a full menu of the subjects available.
  • Home Front Conference: Northern Ireland in the Second World War. This half day conference, held last November, looked at various aspects of life in Northern Ireland during WW2. It also saw the launch of Dr. Phillip Ollerenshaw's new book, Northern Ireland in the Second World War: Politics, Economic Mobilisation and Society, 1939-45. The conference is covered in five video parts.
  • Plantation Families – People, Records and Resources. This lecture, presented in a two-part video, is particularly useful for family history stretching back to the sixteenth century
  • Local History lecture series: PRONI and The Open University in Ireland (OUI) delivered a Local History lecture series from September 2011 to April 2012. It examined major themes – Poverty, Industrialisation, Crime, Religion, Urban History and Families, and local history sources. PRONI staff complemented the lectures by presenting examples from the collections. Each of the lectures is available in five or six videos.