Thursday 8 May 2014

May/June issue of History Ireland in the shops

£6/€7 , and worth every penny/cent
The May/June issue of History Ireland magazine is now in the shops.

After the last edition's special focus on Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf, this issue returns to its more regular arrangement of offering a wide selection of features covering themes from early medieval to 20th-century history. The cover graphic, by Robert Ballagh, relates to the Reputations feature which examines the riddle of Erskine Childers, described in the article as 'Ireland's Laurence of Arabia', and the Howth/Kilcoole gunrunnings.

There's an in-depth look (four articles) at the range of material held by the Military Archives and especially the Military Service Pensions Collection, part of which was released online in January (see my blogpost for details), a piece about sources for family and finances in 15th-century Dublin, and examinations of the Phoenix Park murders of 1882, Dublin's Unionists and Lord Sligo's plunder of ancient Greece. And plenty more besides.

Add in all the regular columns and reviews, there's certainly enough to keep me quiet for a while!