Wednesday 28 May 2014

Follow the signpost to Belfast's WW1 projects
There's no denying that the WW1 centenary is earning a lot of attention in the run up to the anniversary of the start of the conflict. While this focus, of course, well-deserved, such a spread of initiatives is making it difficult to keep up with some of the worthwhile and most interesting projects.

Help is at hand if your primary area of interest is Northern Ireland. A new website – BelfastWW1 – has been launched. It's run by History Hub Ulster and has been set up as a signposting site to guide the public towards some of the small Belfast-based research and community projects focussing on the War.

Many of these projects have Facebook pages but no dedicated website of their own, which means they are not discovered through regular Google searches, and miss reaching the majority of the public who don't use Facebook.

Among those projects included on is Living Legacies 1914-1918, which was featured on Irish Genealogy News last month. Many of the other projects are new to me (I'm one of those still to be seduced by Facebook), so the new website is clearly succeeding in its job as introduction agency.