Monday 26 May 2014

FindMyPast Newspaper stories ready for download
In the course of trying to put right some of the pretty disastrous changes made to its database, FindMyPast has introduced a long-awaited feature: the facility to download (for keeps or printing) pages from its British & Irish Newspaper Collection.

I'm delighted with this. The download arrives as a pdf which means you can zoom in on the columns you want to read. It's long been a bug-bear of mine that I couldn't do this, so I'm really happy to defy the baying crowd and give the FMP techies a bit of applause.

This little discovery led to another when I went wading in to look for any report of the 1868 drowning of one of my Santrys – Cornelius – and his wife, Anne, in Dungarvan Harbour. I've had the death certificates for years. They show the coroner recorded verdicts of accidental drowning of the 33-year-old coastguard, but I'd never had any joy in locating more information. And yet this time, there it was, a Freeman's Journal report telling that the two, just two years married, took off to Dungarvan with one of Cornelius's colleagues, a chap called Atheson, who also died.

Here's the report. It doesn't give a lot of detail, but enough to satisfy my curiosity.