Friday 30 May 2014

Ulster Scots culture gets monthly BBC2 slot

A new TV series celebrating Ulster Scots culture and traditions will start on BBC2 Northern Ireland on Thursday 12 June at 10pm.

The Gaitherin is described as 'a topical new monthly magazine series celebrating the culture, language and lives of the Ulster-Scots' and will be presented by Helen Mark.

Here's the official blurb:

Over the coming weeks and months The Gaitherin team will be taking to the road, out and about all over Northern Ireland from Groomsport to Portrush and beyond, meeting up with local people as they gather together to share songs, poetry, history and comedy all related to the Ulster-Scots tradition.

Each programme will be recorded a short time in advance of broadcast and will also include films about local people who are learning and loving the Ulster-Scots way of life. From the couple who are planning an Ulster-Scots wedding – how can they source Ulster-Scots food, clothes and music for their big day and will they find someone who can lead them in their vows in Ulster-Scots?

The series also follows the fortunes of 13-year-old Kyle and 10-year-old Zoe as they begin their quest to become champions in the world of pipe music, while Anne Morrison-Smyth brings Ulster-Scots poetry to local schools and Fintan Walsh and Nick Brannon consider the influence of Ulster-Scots through archaeological digs and archive footage.

The Gaitherin team’s first stop will be the Walter Nelson Hall, Groomsport in Co. Down, where Helen introduces an evening packed full of entertainment with music from the Broken String Band. A range of guests will join Helen for what promises to be a celebration of Ulster-Scots music, arts and culture.

The Gaitherin has been produced by Tern Television with support from the Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund.

As the programme will be shown on BBC2, it will remain on the BBC's i-Player for 7 days after broadcast. I'm not sure if it will be available for viewing outside the UK.

(Thanks to the Ulster Scots Community Network for the advance notification.)