Tuesday 13 May 2014

More videos of PRONI lectures added to YouTube

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland has been adding videos of recent lectures to its YouTube channel. The following selection is now available:

  • Exploring Your Archives in Depth: Practical Workshops in Family and Local History, Jan-Feb 2014. These lectures include 1641 Depositions, Using Church Records, GRONI Family Trees, Archive mapping and aerial photography, and Understanding an ancestor's neighbourhood (Griffiths)
  • PRONI Showcase Evening: Maps, Photographs, Anecdotes, Politics, Feb 2014. These lectures looked at the scale and variety of PRONI's resources.
  • Open University Exploring Family History Lecture Series, Autumn 2013. This series was themed by occupation or vocation and expressly sought to explore archival records that shed light on the working lives of families. The lectures topics were Farmers & Labourers, Teachers & Pupils, Officers & Soldiers,
  • The History of Witchcraft, Magic and the Devil in Ireland Conference, Oct 2013. This was an evening conference, originally held on Halloween, which examined various aspects of belief in the supernatural in Ireland, prior to the twentieth century.
  • Volunteering in Ireland, 1912-16 Lecture Series, Aug/Sept 2013. These lectures examined the various volunteer organisations which emerged in Ireland during the years before the First World War. They included Unionist Volunteers, Young Citizen Volunteers, and Volunteering & Women.
I'm particularly looking forward to watching the Witchcraft lecture. This was so incredibly popular (fully booked in next to no time), that PRONI put on a second presentation to cater for those that didn't get a seat the first time round!