Wednesday 14 May 2014

Glasnevin Museum is looking for WW1 artefacts
Glasnevin Museum is offering free historical assessment of your family's First World War artefacts this Friday and Saturday. All you have to do is bring along your family's WW1 treasures and momentos – documents, letters, diaries, medals, uniforms and other objects.

Military historian Conor Dodd will be evaluating all items brought along (any valuations are for insurance purposes only) and is hoping to help people unlock some of their family history. "Many returning soldiers brought back small items and often these objects tell the story of the war, or highlight some aspect of it," he told Irish Genealogy News.

"There might be a family story attached to the item, or the soldier's descendents may have no idea what the object is. We plan to identify these momentos and help the families join up the dots of their family's involvement in the war."

Some of the items brought along might, with the family's permission, obviously, be destined to appear in a temporary exhibition at Glasnevin Museum during the Summer. The exhibition will be a major part of the Museum's programme to commemorate the start of WW1.

So if your family has an item from this period with a story attached to it, or if you have an item from this period that you know nothing about, take it along to Glasnevin on either Friday 16 May or Saturday 17 May to discover more about it. There's no need for an appointment. Just turn up with your treasure between 10am and 4pm.