Thursday 1 May 2014

New blog launched for 18th-century enthusiasts

A new blog has launched today that will be of interest to the historians among you and to those what want to know more about the times their ancestors lived through.

It's The Eighteenth-Century Ireland Blog and it'll be published by the 18th-century Ireland Society: ECIS.

To mark the launch, the editors – Lisa Marie Griffith and Suzanne Forbes – have teamed up with Four Courts Press to offer the chance to win one of these two excellent titles:
  • Irish provincial cultures in the long eighteenth century: Essays for Toby Barnard,
    Raymond Gillespie & R. F. Foster (eds)
  • Clubs and societies in eighteenth-century Ireland,
    James Kelly & Martyn J. Powell (eds)
You've got to sign-up TODAY. The draw will take place this afternoon at 5pm, so don't delay, read the sign-up page!