Monday 11 March 2013

More editions of Belfast Morning News join BNA

The British Newspaper Archives has added more copies of the Belfast Morning News to its online database.

It already held issues for 1879 and 1880 for this newspaper (a complete run for both years, as far as I can make out) and has now added 207 issues published in 1860. In addition, this most recent upload includes one edition for 1863 (23 June) and two editions for 1867 (30 January and 15 May).

As of this morning, the BNA has passed through the 6.5million page milestone, which means that quarter of a million pages have been added since mid-January.

Included in this vast database, in addition to the Belfast Morning News, are the following Irish newspapers: Freeman's Journal, Cork Examiner, Sligo Champion, Dublin Evening Mail and Belfast Newsletter.

UPDATE, 12 March: A few more editions of the Belfast Morning News were added after I posted. They are – two more editions from 1863 (making three), one 1864 edition, and 28 editions from 1859.