Tuesday 19 March 2013

More Belfast, Dublin & Sligo papers added to BNA

The British Newspaper Archive (BNA)has been busy adding more Irish papers over the last week, with the databases for the Belfast Morning News, Dublin Evening Mail and The Sligo Champion each seeing a good number of additions.

The BNA collections for each paper, which can be accessed by subscription, now stand as follows (*signifies incomplete for the period):

Dublin Evening Mail: A total of 3,112 editions are now available. The years included are 1849*, 1854, 1855, 1861-1864*, 1865-1870, and the second half of 1871.

Belfast Morning News: A total of 1,653 editions now available. The years included are 1859-1860, 1861-1871*, 1879-1880, 1881* and the first four months of 1882.

Sligo Champion: A total of 172 editions of the weekly paper now available. Coverage is from June 1836 to December 1838 and from April to December 1923.

The other Irish papers in the BNA collection are Freeman's Journal, Belfast Newsletter and Cork Examiner. Recent updates have also included a lot of Scottish publications.