Thursday 28 March 2013

DiscoverEverAfter asks for feedback on graveyard site

DiscoverEverAfter, the County Antrim-based website that has brought family historians nearly 100,000 graveyard records since it launched 18 months ago, wants to enlist the help of genealogists to guide the site's future direction.

Director Leona McAllister told Irish Genealogy News that while the company is continuing to add the results of its graveyard surveys, it needs to get opinions from users on what is currently available on the website.

'We have a number of ideas for the future development of the site,' she said. 'But we need input from family historians to help us decide which options to follow up. We also need to know what is working well, what is not so useful, and generally get feedback on what we're doing and how helpful it is to their research.'

The survey is a mix of 'quick score' items, and slightly more demanding questions, but nothing that any family historian should find too tricky.

Since we've been benefitting from free access to this wonderful resource of gravestone and memorial inscriptions, photos and maps, it seems only fair to give something back for free. If you can find a few minutes to help the DiscoverEverAfter team, please complete the questionnaire here.