Wednesday 15 August 2012

FindMyPast Ireland relaunches with 10% discount

FindMyPast Ireland has had the expected Worldwide treatment that's being rolled out across the FMP stable since the dot com version launched in the USA.

It's now possible to take out any of the following subscriptions via the ie site:

  • Worldwide option: 6 or 12 months, normal cost €112.95 and €179.95 respectively
  • Britain and Ireland option: normal cost €94.95 for 6 months and €149.95 for a year
  • Ireland-only option: normal cost €59.95 for 12 months (no six-month option).

There is also a Pay-As-You-Go (90-day) option of 100 credits for €9.95 (same cost regardless of which collection you're using). The Worldwide subscription covers the USA, Australia and New Zealand, UK and Ireland. The Britain and Ireland option covers... er... Britain and Ireland, and I'll leave you to work out what's included in the Ireland-only option.

This being a 'new thing', there's a 10% re-launch discount available across all collections until 14 September.

A loyalty discount of 10% will also be applied for all customers renewing their subscriptions. This is ongoing, and not just a short-term offer.

Bear in mind that if you're carrying out research in a professional capacity, or doing research for another person (paid or not), you must use the Pay-As-You-Go credit system. See the full terms and conditions of site use.