Wednesday 29 August 2012

Book sale at Ulster Historical Foundation

For a limited period, the Ulster Historical Foundation (UHF) is offering a selection of books at seriously reduced prices, as follows:

  • Stormont: The House on the Hill - RRP: £25 | Now £5!
  • Creating Belfast: Technical Education and the Formation of a Great Industrial City 1801-1921 - £18.99 | Now £7.99!
  • Titanic Port: An illustrated history of Belfast Harbour - RRP: £25 | Now £15!
  • People's Champion (bio of Belfast Labour politician Alexander Bowman) - RRP: £9.99 | Now £2.99!
  • Early Belfast - RRP: £9.99 | £4.99 when purchased with Portrait of an Industrial City, use voucher code "belfast".

Go to BooksIreland for further details and to purchase. The Foundation's online Library catalogue can be searched title or by author. It includes more than 3500 titles, and the UHF plans to categorise the books by theme in the near future.