Friday 3 May 2019

RootsIreland adds 34,000 Waterford baptisms (C of I)

A lovely chunk of records has been uploaded to the RootsIreland's Waterford Genealogy database. It makes available transcripts of more than 38,000 Church of Ireland baptisms from across Waterford and for parishes that straddle the county boundary.

The earliest registers in the collection are for the City of Waterford (the transcripts run 1656–1900), followed by the parishes of Youghal, which starts in 1665, and Kil St Nicholas, which starts in 1679.

In all but seven of the 35 parishes featured in this upload, the transcripts run into the 20th century. In the majority of parishes, the baptism transcripts join existing marriage transcripts.

You can view the parish-by-parish details of this upload, and a full menu of records in the Waterford database, here.