Thursday 9 May 2019

New edition of Sean Murphy's Primer in Irish Genealogy

Genealogist and tutor Sean Murphy has published a 2019 edition of his Primer in Irish Genealogy. The free e-book can be downloaded here (last item on page).

2019 edition published
Sean says his Primer continues to serve as a textbook for his ongoing lectures in the National Library of Ireland and elsewhere, as well as being of assistance to those in Ireland and abroad who wish to trace their Irish ancestors.

The e-book commences with an outline of genealogy, research methods, computers and the Internet, provides a lesson on placenames, forenames and surnames, goes on to introduce census, vital, valuation, church and other core records, and provides a case study of Sean's ancestors, the Murphys of Ballylusky, Co. Kerry. The work concludes with sample copy pedigrees and documents, select lists of publications and online resources.

There's even a quiz! You can test your knowledge in a 10-question test on page 56 of the Primer (the answers are on the following page).