Friday 10 May 2019

County Monaghan's War of Independence files released

A launch reception last night in Monaghan County Museum saw the release of a free online archive of War of Independence files, many including personal recollections of former members of the Old IRA who were active in County Monaghan during the War of Independence.

The statements in the files were collected to produce a book published in 1966 for the County's commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the state. They were gathered from veterans by members of the clergy and include handwritten and typewritten documents, letters and copy books.

View the Monaghan War of Independence Files
Many of the statements are in the person's own handwriting, accompanied by a covering letter.

The files contain personal names (often in lists of the writer's comrades in arms), place names and business names making them an excellent resource for local or family history research.

This unique archive of more than 500 pages provides a clear insight into what it was like to live in Monaghan one hundred years ago during the War of Independence.

To view the files, click the image to reach the Monaghan County Museum website. You'll find two short videos that are worth watching. One provides an introduction to the archive, the other shows you how to search the online database. I'd recommend the latter, even though I was unable to find acommpanying audio.