Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Ancestry's DNA network reaches 15 million test samples

Continuing its role as the world's largest consumer DNA network, Ancestry has announced that its DNA database now holds more than 15 million completed test samples. company says that each AncestryDNA customer receives an average of 50,000 total matches; this number grows by 2-5% each month as more people join the network.

“Ancestry is honored to play a role in empowering the journeys of personal discovery for 15 million people around the world,” said Cathy Ball, Chief Scientific Officer, Ancestry. “The size of this community is a true sign of how deeply important it is for people to connect and learn about their past. As the network continues to grow, we can deliver even more value to our members, including more granular insights about heritage, and provide compelling new paths to learn about ourselves using genetics.”

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