Wednesday 21 November 2012

Video: How DNA can aid Irish genealogy research

Among the lectures delivered at last month's Back To Our Past show in Dublin (was it really only last month?), was a very well-received presentation by Maurice Gleeson on how DNA can help Irish genealogy research.

Maurice has created a slightly extended video version of his lecture and it's now available to view via his Spearin Surname Project website. He explains how, after considerable traditional research, he had hit a brick wall with 14 of his 32 great great great grandparents, and turned to DNA to see if he could make any more progress. His quest was successful.

Using his own experiences of DNA testing, as well as the stories of historical characters, he explains how the various types of DNA test (Y-DNA, MT-DNA, and Autosomal DNA) can be useful for family research.

Broken into four 15-minute segments, the video presents the DNA argument very clearly using specific real-life examples rather than just theory. I recommend it to anyone who is still rather baffled by DNA technology and it's place in the genealogy arsenal.

3 November 2023: Video removed.