Tuesday 6 November 2012

1922 Military census for release next week

MilitaryArchives.ie has announced plans to release a first tranche of records from the census carried out by the Army Council on the night of 12 November 1922.

The census was completed at all military posts and hospitals and detention centres. Its purposes was to establish the exact strength of the National Forces by location for administrative, logistical and operational purposes.

This first phase will be available on Tuesday 13 November and will provide a list of all Officers, NCOs and soldiers 90 years ago. Researchers will be able to view digitised scans of the census forms by location.

A second phase will follow in early 2013 and will allow full searching of text by name, age and location.

The following information was taken by the compiling Officers: Regimental Number, Rank, Surname, Christian Names, Number on Pay book, Date of Attestation, Place of Attestation, Married or Single, Religion of Soldier, Next of Kin, Name and Address of Next of Kin, Remarks.

You can find out more about the release, and view one of the census pages (it'll whet your appetite!), here.