Monday 12 November 2012

Eneclann continues cd to ebook conversion project

Eneclann has continued its project to convert its cd titles to downloadable e-books/pdfs with another release of 20 titles.

The programme of conversion means that many valuable resources are now considerably cheaper than previously, and, once downloaded, readily available on your computer.

You can find out more about each of the titles on the Eneclann site. Here's the list of the latest batch of conversions:

  • Statistical Survey of Meath, by Robert Thompson of Oatland, published 1802
  • Statistical Survey of Cavan, by Sir Charles Coote, published 1802
  • Statistical Survey of Mayo, McParlan's Survey 1802
  • Statistical Survey of King’s County, by Sir Charles Coote. Published 1801
  • Down and its Parish Church, by L.A. Pooler, published 1907
  • The Register of Derry Cathedral 1642-1703. (12,000+ bmds for Templemore parish)
  • Enniskillen Long Ago, W H Bradshaw, 1878
  • Kilkenny Grand Jury Presentments, Spring 1825 to summer 1832. Publ'd 1832
  • The Scotch-Irish, by Charles Hanna. (1200+ pgs in two volumes) Publ'd 1902
  • The Crofton Memoirs, by Henry Thomas Crofton. Published 1911
  • Pococke’s Tour in Ireland in 1752. Covers 20 counties.
  • Dalton’s Irish Army Lists, 1661-1685.
  • Ward & Lock’s Pictorial Guide to Connemara. A tourist guidebook c1890
  • The Judges in Ireland 1221-1921, by Francis Elrington Ball. Two volumes.
  • The Post-Chaise Companion, by W Wilson. 1786
  • The Annals of Derry, by Robert Simpson. Published 1847
  • Jail Journal, John Mitchel. A classic of Irish revolutionary writing. 2nd ed 1914
  • Tempest’s Jubilee Annual, 1909 (Dundalk and Louth)
  • The King’s County Directory, 1890
  • A Little Tour in Ireland, 1892 (1st publ'd 1852) Dublin-Galway-Limerick-Killarney-Cork.