Tuesday 8 October 2019

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide is on sale again!

I'm delighted to confirm that my book, The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide: How to trace your ancestors from Ireland, is once again readily available in bookstores in North America and online following the purchase of The Family Tree series by no less a publisher than Penguin Random House, probably the best-known name in the world of books.

ISBN: 9781440348808 / 240 pages
It's been a perplexing and frustrating few months since the original publisher, F&W Media ceased trading in March. I had no idea whether booksellers, especially those selling online, had sufficient stock to tide them over until a sale was completed, and I was pretty certain F&W Media weren't fulfilling orders from their own online site, even though it remained live. Concerned that researchers might even lose money from unfilled online orders, I decided to stop promoting the Guide and removed all mention of it from my blog and website.

Today, I can once again happily and confidently direct researchers to my Guide (see North American sellers below), which remains completely up to date save for a small but significant update to the civil registration database on IrishGenealogy.ie (see this blogpost).

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide was written for Irish-Americans and includes in-depth guidance on researching in US records the place/townland of origin in Ireland of your Irish immigrant ancestor. Although the book's focus is unashamedly on tracking down Irish immigrants to the USA, the research techniques suggested could be applied in other destinations and it should be easy for family historians elsewhere to find similar resources to the recommended US records in their own country.

In its 240 pages, it also provides detailed guidance on locating and using all the main Irish family history record collections – census, civil registration, land and property records, newspapers, probate and military records – as well as directing researchers to the best online resources and tools.

There's also helpful background on Irish history, geography, administrative divisions and naming patterns; how to translate latin records and carry out graveyard research, plus sample records and tips galore, plus a sizeable reference section with listings of research societies, archives and libraries, publications and websites, and county genealogy centres. Add in tips galore, and you'll find the Guide covers everything you need to uncover your Irish heritage.

If you'd like to see a sample, pop over to Google Books here.

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide is now on sale through the following outlets in North America, either in store or via the store's online shop.