Monday 28 January 2019

Social History & the Irish Revolution - March lectures

Glasnevin Museum and Trinity College Dublin's School of History & Humanities will be presenting a public lecture series next month entitled 'Social History and the Irish Revolution'.

The lectures will be delivered in the Museum's Milestone Gallery at 7pm to 8:30pm, as follows:

  • Wednesday  6 March: Towards a further understanding of the violence experienced by women in the Irish Revolution, with Professor Linda Connolly
  • Wednesday 13 March: Is vverything we loved gone forever?: The burning of Irish country houses during the War of Independence, 1920-21, with Professor Terence A Dooley
  • Wednesday 20 March: 'This is supposed to be a civilised country and part of Great Britain!' Southern Irish loyalists and revolution, with Brian Hughes
  • Wednesday 27 March: Uncovering the ordinary experience of extraordinary times: Ireland 1917 - 1927, with Dr Richard McElligott
Tickets should be booked in advance. They cost €6 per lecture or €20 for a multi-pass which will gain you entry to all four lectures in the series. (Multi-passes are almost all sold out as at today's date.)