Friday 11 January 2019 latest on overdue BMD updates, the state-managed free database holding an incomplete collection of civil birth, marriage and death records, has advised that it expects to upload marriage register images for 1864 to 1869 inclusive in 'early 2019'.

Additionally, two outstanding 'rolling' years of index and register images will be uploaded for births (1917–1918 inclusive), marriages (1942–1943 inclusive - ROI only) and deaths (1967–1968 - ROI only) to bring the online collections in line with the 100-75-50-year 'rule'.

The managers of the site confirm that the General Register Office will continue to work on uploading the marriage register images for 1845–1863 (all-island), death register images for 1864–1877 (all-island) and user-submitted corrections to the online collections. No date is confirmed for this final release, but further details will be provided with the 'early 2019' release.

You can view the official news item here.

The website's civil records cover the entire island up to and including 1921. From 1922, it does not hold BMD records registered in the six counties of Northern Ireland.