Tuesday 31 July 2018

July update from Registry of Deeds Index Project

The Registry of Deeds Index Project has been updated with recent contributions from volunteer researchers.

As a result, the main Index now holds 278,873 index entries from 30,604 memorials of deeds. In addition, there are now 60,665 townland index transcriptions, and 18,357 grantor index transcriptions on the site. All are freely searchable.

A page from the Grantors' Index,
just ripe for transcribing!
Would-be contributors should know that transcribing the townland and grantors' indexes does not require any understanding of land transactions. All that is required is to reproduce information from the written index into a simple spreadsheet. Easy peasy.

See right for an example image (taken from microfilm) of the written Grantors' index, 1860-69; you'll see the writing is clear and the details straightforward. These images are available free on FamilySearch.org.

Simply key the details into a spreadsheet or table using the columns displayed and send to the Project Manager, Nick Reddan FIGRS.