Tuesday 17 July 2018

Glasnevin Trust's online records shop hit by tech issue

Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin
If you've recently been trying to access online burial records for Glasnevin Cemetery or any of the burial grounds managed by Glasnevin Trust, you may have run into a problem when purchasing credits.

The Trust's online shop is currently unable to process genealogy credit purchases from brand-new customers; it's sign-up form is unavailable.

Existing customers using their registered username and password are not affected by the issue and can purchase credits in the regular way.

The tech team is working on the problem and hopes to resolve it soon.

(Thanks to John Brennan for notifying me of the issue.)

UPDATE, 17 July: It seems the problem may be affecting all customers, even those who are already registered customers.

UPDATE, 21 July: The online shop is still unable to process enquiries and sales.