Friday 27 July 2018

Fold3 extends its collection of British military records
Sample page from the British WWII Distinguished
Conduct Medal Citation collection.
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Fold3, Ancestry's specialist database of military records, has added to its British collection, as follows:

British WWII Commando Gallantry Awards:
This collection contains the names of nearly 500 British Commandos who earned a Gallantry Award during WWII. The awards include Victoria Crosses, Distinguished Service Orders, Military Crosses, Distinguished Conduct Medals and Military Medals.

The collection is presented in alphabetical order of surname and includes rank, regiment, and the date the award was issued. In some instances, the full citation was published in the London Gazette. Where applicable, that citation is attached in the comment field.

British WWII Distinguished Conduct Medal Citations:
These records are an alphabetical list of non-commissioned officers and men in the army who were awarded the second highest award for gallantry during WWII.

The records are cross-referenced to the London Gazette publication dates and tell the stories that inspired the award.

WWII Distinguished Flying Medals for British Soldiers:
This collection is an alphabetical list of nearly 6,500 recipients of the Distinguished Flying Medal award. The index was transcribed from surviving Recommendations. In some cases, they contain a cross reference to the publication date in the London Gazette.

Where no Recommendation was found, the relevant press release is entered.

British Companions of the DSO Awards, 1923-2010:
This collection is an alphabetical list of recipients of the DSO Award and subsequent First, Second, and Third Bar awards from the British Navy and Royal Marines. The records are primarily from WWII, but pre-war and post-war campaigns are also included.

The records include birthdates, family members and other biographical information along with the reason for the award recommendation.

British Recipients of the Military Cross:
This collection contains records for recipients of the Military Cross during WWI. The collection is presented in alphabetical order of surname and includes name, rank, and battalion or sub-unit and other biographical details.

Military Crosses are cited in the London Gazette and those citations are attached, including a note confirming the survival of the respective edition.

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