Friday 28 February 2014

PRONI announces April lunchtime lecture series

PRONI has announced details of its lunchtime lecture series for April, which will be delivered by PRONI staff. These talks will provide insight and tips on using PRONI sources. Here's the programme:

Wednesday 2 April:
Irish voices from the American Civil War, with Brett Irwin
The context of these talks will begin on the battlefields of the American Civil War, with the Irish émigrés involved in the conflict. Among the resources explored will be letters sent home to loved ones, that reveal the émigrés' aspirations and reservations on life as emigrants.

Wednesday 9 April:
Hungry for change – the effect of the Famine on Irish migration, with Ann McVeigh
The second lecture will examine the suffering inflicted upon the population of Ireland during the Great Famine of 1845 to 1852. This talk will explain how the drastic action of emigration became the only option for many faced with this situation.

Wednesday 23 April:
Experiences of the Poor and Excluded, with Glynn Kelso
This lecture will enter into a wider discussion on the historical experiences of the poor in society. It will touch upon past attempts to relieve poverty, as well as provide tips on unearthing these peoples’ family stories from archival documents.

Wednesday 30 April:
The River Bann: a view from the archives, with Lorraine Burke
The series concludes with an overview of the work that transformed the lower River Bann from an uncontrollable waterway prone to flooding into a navigable commercial route. The major arterial drainage scheme on the Bann is well documented by PRONI sources. This talk will illuminate this, as well as touch upon significant archaeological discoveries unearthed during the works.

Venue: All workshops will be held at PRONI, 2 Titanic Boulevard, Belfast BT3 9HQ.
Time: Lectures are presented from 1pm to 2pm
Booking: Admission is FREE but booking is essential. Email to reserve your place.