Thursday 27 February 2014

Battle of Clontarf symposium: Dublin 11–12 April Battle of clontarf-Leaflet_LR3.pdf
The annual Friends of Medieval Dublin symposium will take place in Trinity College Dublin on Friday 11th and Saturday the 12th of April. It's usually a one-day affair, but to mark the millenium of the Battle of Clontarf , it will be held over two days on this occasion.

The conference will bring together many of the leading experts in the field from universities throughout Ireland, Great Britain, and further afield, including the Universities of Utrecht and Helsinki, as well as specialists from the National Museum of Ireland and elsewhere.

By bringing together for the first time all the world’s leading authorities on the subject, the conference hopes to establish the truth of what really happened at Clontarf for a twenty-first century audience, to re-evaluate the role of Brian Boru in the light of the latest cutting-edge research.

It aims to bring recent investigations of the subject of the high-kingship of Ireland and of the role of the Vikings in medieval Ireland into the realm of public discourse, dispelling (or perhaps reconfirming) myths, shedding new light, raising public awareness.

By bringing together in one public forum experts drawn from the fields of Irish history, Scandinavian history, Celtic studies, and archaeology, the conference will also promote new synergetic fields of research by adopting a methodology that is explicitly interdisciplinary.

The programme is a full one, and will be of interest to many, so it's to be held in the Edmund Burke Lecture Theatre, in the Arts Building of Trintiy College Dublin. It's free to attend, and everyone is welcome.

You can download the programme here. And register here.