Thursday 6 February 2014

New resources and fresh look for Cork Local Studies

The redesigned Home page
The excellent, the standalone Local Studies website for Cork City Libraries, has been redesigned in the Library's online 'uniform', and content shifted over to the new platform.

It's a good looking magazine-styled Home page, I must say.

Further into the site, it quickly becomes obvious that redevelopment work is still ongoing; much of the content is skewed (that's my level of technical speak for 'not lining up properly').

But so far, so good. The old site had been around a while and needed an update, and I like what I see in progress.

With so many useful genealogy and history resources available, this site deserves time spent on it, so I hope they won't hurry it unnecessarily.

Recent uploads to the site include:
  • 1842-3 Jackson's County & City Post Office General Directory (here)
  • Higher definition maps for 1610, 1759, 1789, 1801, 1831, 1872 and 1952.