Monday 20 January 2014

Trio of new Ulster Scots titles for free download

The Ulster Scots Community Network (USCN) has published three new e-titles, each available for free download. Two of them will be of interest to researchers with ancestors in Canada and Pennsylvania, as these books are focussed on emigrants (or their descendents) who settled in those locations after leaving the northern province.

This trio of new publications joins a growing bookshelf of titles from USCN. You can download them all from the USCN Publications page. Hard copies are also available.

The Ulster-Scots Community Network was established in 1995 to promote awareness and understanding of the Ulster-Scots tradition in history, language and culture, and to highlight the significant contribution of the Ulster-Scots community to the development of life in Northern Ireland, the border counties of the Republic of Ireland, and the wider Ulster-Scots diaspora. The organisation has more than 400 member groups.