Thursday 2 January 2014

National Archives of Ireland: online catalogue updated

The National Archives of Ireland has recently updated its online catalogue with the following items:
  • Department of Education: applications for aid to the Commissioners of National Education, Counties Cavan, Clare and Cork, 1832-1888 (ED/1/4-18)
  • Department of Education: Commissioners of National Education in Ireland, later Department of Education: registers of summaries of documents relating to administration of national schools, 1832-1963 (ED/2)
  • Department of Education: Commissioners of National Education in Ireland: registers of summaries of documents relating to administration of model national schools and model agricultural schools, 1845-1881 (ED/3)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs, series 323: culture files (films), 1921-1983 (DFA/5/323)
  • Probate Office, 1986 testamentary transfer (2007/1)
  • Probate Office, 1989 testamentary transfer (2010/1)
  • Letterkenny District Probate Registry, 1991 testamentary transfer (2012/6)
  • Kilcoole National School, Kilcoole, County Wicklow: records, 1871-1975 (PRIV1231)
  • Documents relating to property of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Shaw, 1854 (PRIV1242)
  • Documents relating to property of Arthur O'Neill in Dublin and King's County [County Offaly], 1872-1928 (PRIV1243)
  • Documents relating to the Gore family of Dunmore, County Galway, 1725-1896 (PRIV1244)
  • Documents relating to the Cullenagh Family of Newcastle West, County Limerick, 1897-1899 (PRIV1245)
  • Documents relating to the Maxwell family (Barons Farnham); Brabazon family, County Cork; O'Brien family, Barons Inchiquinn; Maria Crosby, Ballyheique Castle, County Kerry; Dr Samuel Horace Law of Dublin; RP Featherstonhaugh, property in County Westmeath; Scott family of Crevagh, County Clare; Frances Middleton of Rathmines, Dublin, 1868-1920 (PRIV1246)
  • Documents relating to Maurice Leahy, Newcastle, County Limerick; PE Crutchley, Longford; Charles Brinsley Marlay, County Westmeath, 1880-1913 (PRIV1247)
  • Documents relating to Jane Isabella Barton, Farndreg, Dundalk, County Louth, 1903 (PRIV1248)
  • Documents from the Wakefield Collection in the Library of Congress relating to the French family, Barons de Freyne, County Roscommon; King family, County Waterford; Adair family, Monkstown, County Dublin; Hamilton family, Glenmure, County Cork; Rev John Lewis, Dublin; assorted deeds and deeds relating to the Massy Dawson estates in Counties Limerick and Tipperary, 1635-1893 (PRIV1249)
  • Letters patent creating John Wilson Fitzpatrick as Baron Castletown in British peerage, 1869 (PRIV1250)
  • Legal documents relating to Clare Street, Limerick City, 1801-1866 (PRIV1251)
  • Documents relating to the Burton family of Bancraggy and Carrigahold Castle, County Clare, 1802-1912 (PRIV1252)
  • Letters patent of James I granting lands in County Cork to James White, 1612 (PRIV1253)
  • Documents relating to John McLaughlin, Usher's Quay, Dublin; Green family and Sir John Blaquiere; Thomas Kelly, Limerick; Chatterton family, Youghal, County Cork; Sir John Nugent, Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, 1787-1948 (PRIV1254)
  • Marriage settlement of William Jones, Sligo, and Mary Wilson, Sligo, 1849 (PRIV1255)
  • Documents relating to John Thewles of Rookwood, County Galway, and Richard Dawson of Dublin (relating to lands in Counties Roscommon and Westmeath), 1740-1779 (PRIV1256)
  • Photographs of letters patent, Baron Doneraile, 1776, and Viscount Doneraile, 1785 (PRIV1257)
Government department records for 1983 have also been added to the catalogue.