Thursday 17 January 2013

New title: My Ancestor Was Irish

The UK-based Society of Genealogists (SOG) has published another book in its well-regarded 'My Ancestor Was...' series and it covers Irish genealogy sources.

Written by Alan Stewart, My Ancestor Was Irish is a crisp and brisk listing of the resources available to family historians. While there is limited explanation about the scarcity of Irish records or about how to get the best from those that are available, a lot of ground is covered; chapters include civil registration, census and substitutes, church registers, wills and administration, the registry of deeds, military records, maps, newspapers, surnames & migration, and gravestone inscriptions.

In addition there are pure reference chapters on Irish family history societies, Irish archives and the holdings of the SOG's library.

The book doesn't set out to provide in-depth understanding of the complications of family history in Ireland. It states that it aims to fulfil a need for 'a concise and straightforward guide', and it achieves this. It's audience is also clearly defined: 'This book is intended not only for Irishmen and women but also for those outside Ireland with knowledge, perhaps of tracing English and Welse families, but seeking guidance about the differences and challenges of Irish research.'

My Ancestor Was Irish is available from the Society of Genealogists, price £8.99 + pp.

Alan Stewart is also the author of My Ancestor was Scottish and other family history titles. See his blog for more details.