Tuesday 15 January 2013

Limerick landscape lecture series

Limerick County Council is to host a lecture series that concentrates on the region's architecture from medieval times to the present, and even the future. The programme puts forward the view that the built landscape is the result of what our ancestors created and deemed important. 'The built heritage,' it says, 'is a reflection of our society, its values, its hierarchies, its fashions and its trends.'

Most of the lectures deal with historical buildings but there is a fifth lecture that looks forward, to the Limerick of 2030.

The series begins on Tuesday 29 January and continues on a fortnightly basis until Tuesday 26 March.

Venue:  Council Chamber, County Hall, Limerick.
Time:  8pm.
Cost::  FREE. No booking required.

Tuesday 29 January:  Limerick’s Ringforts, with Dr Matthew Stout 

Tuesday 12 February: Medieval Limerick Today: The Built Heritage, with Brian Hodkinson 

Tuesday 26 February:  The Archaeology of Mills and Milling in County Limerick from an early medieval period to c. 1900, with Dr Colin Rynne

Tuesday 12 March: University of Limerick: a Technological University on the Banks of the Shannon, with Judith Hill 

Tuesday 26 March:  Limerick 2030, with Gerry Hughes.

See the brochure for more details. LimerickBH2013FP.pdf