Friday 20 November 2020

FindMyPast adds 350k British/Irish military records

FindMyPast has added some 350,000 records to its British and Irish Military Collections, as follows:

Ireland, Londonderry (Derry) War Memorial 1914-1918

The Diamond War Memorial, Derry City
The Diamond War Memorial in Derry City lists 754 locals who lost their lives in WWI.

The memorial dominates the city's main square where the old walled city's four main streets meet. It features an infantry soldier and a sailor, each poised for battle, at the base of a column topped by an angel.

The records include a transcript and image of handwritten forms completed by the deceased's next of kin. As such, the details provided vary but the following information is usually included: Rank, Regiment, Company/unit, Soldier number, Military awards, Residence (and connection to the City), Death date, Nature of death, Name + address + relationship and signature of next of kin.

British Armed Forces Soldiers' Wills 1850-1986

This new index of 190,282 entries relates to a collection of wills written by privates and non-commissioned officers who served in the Army and Air Force.

Soldiers on active service were encouraged to make a short, handwritten and signed will. It was usually completed in their pay book. With details from the index you can order a copy of the orignal will.

British Red Cross & Order of St John Enquiry List, Wounded & Missing, 1914-1919

These 158,035 records can help you unlock details about the First World War’s wounded and missing that you won’t find in other sources. They were compiled by the The British Red Cross & Order of St John in regular lists of WW1 soldiers missing in action, about whom enquiries had been made.

Typical information includes a man’s name, regiment, battalion and company (for infantry battalions). Details about the date and place of casualty, and sometimes extensive additional information are included.



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