Thursday 5 November 2020

Family Tree DNA has Early Bird Thanksgiving offer

Family Tree DNA has announced an Early Bird Thanksgiving offer.

It runs across the company's range, and brings savings of up to $70.

The details are below. Prices are in US$, but the testing kits can be shipped and processed no matter where you live. 

Here are the main deals:

  • Family Finder, Autosomal (atDNA) down from $79 to £59
  • Y-DNA Y37 (yDNA) reduced from $119 to $99
  • Y-DNA Y111 (yDNA) down from $249 to $199
  • BigY-700 (yDNA) reduced from $449 to $379
  • Maternal Ancestry (mtDNA) down from $159 to $139

Additionally, savings can be made on upgrades.