Tuesday 10 December 2019

HeritageMaps.ie adds Workhouses and PLU data

Riding in just a few weeks after the addition of  data from HistoricGraves.com of fully surveyed burial grounds across Ireland (see blogpost), HeritageMaps.ie has added map data of the island's Workhouses and Poor Law Unions.

Ireland's workhouses mapped
It is based on the data and research work of Peter Higginsbotham, the well-known expert on workhouses in the geographical British Isles, and the new maps provide details on each Irish Workhouse and associated Poor Law Union area and provide links to excellent external resources. It is definitely worth exploring. You'll find the Workhouses map under the Architecture 'layer'.

The workhouse maps display the locations of each workhouse and additional data provides information about the structures, and whether the building survives and has been adapted for alternative use. (There are remains of more than 80 workhouses and some are still used as working institutions.)

To create the HeritageMaps dataset, information has been provided by Peter Higginsbotham, Mike Murphy of University College Cork and the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine.

Below is a screengrab of data provided for Dunmanway Workhouse in South West County Cork.