Friday 13 December 2019

Upload your raw DNA data file to receive free forever access to all MyHeritageDNA features: offer ends 18 Dec.
Until 11:59pm on Wednesday 18 December, researchers who have taken an autosomal DNA test with a testing service other than MyHeritage (see supported files below), can upload their raw DNA data file to MyHeritage and receive all advanced DNA features for free, forever.

This option will save researchers the usual $29 'unlock' fee per kit.

MyHeritageDNA's basic features include receiving, exporting and contacting DNA Matches (there are more than 3.5million people in the database now), and viewing shared ancestral surnames. The Advanced features are these:
  • Ethnicity Estimate
  • Chromosome Browser
  • View family trees and pedigree charts of your DNA Matches
  • Shared DNA Matches
  • Shared ethnicities
  • Shared ancestral places
  • AutoClusters
  • Theory of Family Relativity
If you upload your DNA data before the deadline, you'll have free access to ALL of the above not just for a few days, but permanently.

MyHeritage supports DNA files from AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder, 23andMe (all versions, including v5).

You can find instructions for exporting your data from another service and uploading it to MyHeritage on MyHeritage's DNA upload page.