Wednesday 6 November 2019

Up to 40% discounts on FamilyTreeDNA products

Family Tree DNA is offering researchers some hefty savings across its range this month.

Brief details of the savings on the most popular products are below, but if you're looking to upgrade existing y-DNA tests or simply want to jump in with an advanced y-DNA test, click the image, right, to find out more.

Family Finder - autosomal test: Save $20. The kit is reduced from $79 to $59.

Y-37 - a 37 marker Y-DNA test for men only (Paternal line): Save $70. The kit is reduced from $169 to $99.

mtDNA - Mitochondrial test (Maternal line) - Save £60. The test is reduced from $199 to $139

The discounts will expire on Thursday 28 November.

All Family Tree DNA purchases are made in US dollars.